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You got: SENEGAL!
You’re an avid adventurer with an open mind. Friends and family are super important to you making Senegal’s community-oriented way of life the perfect fit. You’re a chill person who enjoys stepping back from the hustle and bustle, and spending time on things that really matter -- like building relationships, getting your hands dirty, and exploring. Senegal is calling...
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Your got: ECUADOR!
You’re a free spirit and down to try pretty much anything. Trip to the mountains? Yes. Exploring the Amazon rainforest? Hell yeah! You often find yourself running late because you’re just so into whatever you’re doing and can’t tear yourself away. Ecua-time will suit you perfectly.
Check out Ecuador!
You got: BRAZIL!
You’re a little bit of everything, just like Brazil. You appreciate a diversity of perspectives and believe in the power of saying “YES”. You love city life, but can’t imagine life without getting into nature every once in awhile. The beach towns of southern Brazil are calling your name. Get out there, there’s adventure to be had!
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You got: INDIA!
Curious is your middle name. You’re a thrill seeker, who loves to try new things. For you, variety is the spice of life -- so why not taste all the spices! You’re a spontaneous person who was never meant to have a predictable routine. India's contrasts and colors that will keep you on your toes!
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